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  • Bütün iPhone 5 cihazlar için uyumludur.
  • Özellikle; çarpma, düşme veya sıvı teması gibi durumlarda arıza veren iPhone 5 LCD ekranı genellikle öncam ve dokunmatik panel ile birlikte hasar görür.
  • iPhone 5 LCD ekran değişimi, iPhone 5 Öncam Değişimi ve iPhone 5 Dokunmatik Panel Değişimi gibi ifadeler aslında aynı birimin değişimini belirtir. iPhone 5 ün ön panelinde oluşan herhangi bir problem durumda LCD, Öncam ve Dokunmatik Panelin tamamının değişimi ile mümkündür.
  • iPhone 5 dokunmatik panelinde bir arıza bulunmayan ancak içerideki LCD ekranı hasar görmüş iPhone lar için de aynı durum geçerlidir.
    • iPhone 5 LCD Ekran
    • iPhone 5 Ön Cam
    • iPhone 5 Dokunmatik Panel
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  • Servisimizde yapacağımız iPhone 5 LCD Ekran değişimi (değişim sonrası testler dahil) ortalama 30 dakika sürmektedir.
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  • 3 ay içerisinde (kullanıcı hataları dışında) oluşabilecek bir arıza durumunda ürünü yenisi ile değiştirmekteyiz.




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  1. Jayme- I always knew Emily’s family was beautiful inside and out, but these picture make that even more apparent. Beautiful… especially the way you could capture moments with the boys, when anyone else who has tried to take their picture knows that can be difficult!! Amazing, simply amazing!!

  2. I’ve had a lot of tests in life, my biggest being miscarriages and sick children. Offspring are definitely an immense source of blessings as well as a huge test of faith and trust in God. May He always shower us with the guidance and wisdom to endure.JAK for a reflective post.mm

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  4. Re your commentary, “Misapplying the First Amendment,” I believe that the ban against churches providing sponsorship was stricken from the proposed ordinance. The council was concerned that applying this restriction to churches might prevent support from churches such as Christ Fellowship from providing in-kind services at activities like the annual village picnic, during which CF has served food and provided bands for entertainment. The village has, appropriately, given credit to the church for this support in programs.

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  6. Great news! I was hoping to see more of the adventures since the first gang figs came out. They look very promising! Geared up with armour and backpacks is a definite point to add them to my wishlist!Any chance to see some left-handed ones? I`m keeping my eyes peeled. Greetings, Catinator

  7. ” I have know idea what you mean by “Unearned Income-Taxes are less than Earned Income- Taxes.””Neither does missy, he just throws words out there and hopes they make a sentence.

  8. this summer… If we can trade Bynum straight up for Dwight Howard it only proves what a great draft pick he was and how holding onto him up until this point was the right decision.

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  10. Is the pet fountain anywhere near a litter box?? Cats don’t like eating or drinking anywhere near a litter box. They don’t like the chance of their food becoming contaminated.

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  13. My boyfriend and I are about to move to LA in the spring, and I took him to Disneyland for the first time several weeks ago. We GOBBLED beignets. I think he asked if we could get some every night we were there haha. One night we couldn’t get them at Orleans, so we went to the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. They’re just as good, and cheaper, but unfortunately not in my favorite shape. Have fun in Disneyland!

  14. that Obuttlicker."You brazen fucking asshole! The reporter said on video that that is what Joe told them. I PERSONALLY CALLED the sheriffs office and asked if that reporter was giving a truthful account of that transaction and THEY CONFIRMED IT .. I'll call again and get the sheriffs office on TAPE if you don't believe me asshole.

  15. That is so sweet! Count me in too! Can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy!I have a 4 month old and it's so fun (when it isn't exhausting, that is 😉 )maria[dot]nap[dot]plug[at]gmail[dot]com

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  18. So good that steaming the stain out worked! And I think that if you don’t know that there is a stain, you would see it. Just don’t tell people ^_^And I guess that next time, before you drink tea in bed, you’ll check that the dummy isn’t right under your platform but as far away as possible 😉 ?

  19. JCF,Noted, but I've always found right-wing claims to oppression and martyrdom to be especially galling.We've both experienced actual threats and intimidation, and more than once. We both know people who've been assaulted and injured, sometimes badly (I don't know, but you may have had this experience yourself; I've been threatened more than once, but luckily I've never been physically attacked).For our antagonists to equate their alienation from a changing Episcopal Church to those experiences of actual oppression is an outrage.

  20. that throw was amazingly bad- Smith is looking over his shoulder.It is time to just go with Kaep- let Smith be there is Kaep fails- it will give him a second wind coming back.My opinion- once Kaep plays a full game- we will stop thinking about Smith for good.

  21. "I haven't posted any racist material here. The way it goes on this site is that any white commenter who disagrees with the whining, self-pitying bullshit routinely tossed around here is deemed "racist.""Example of "whining self-pitying bull$hit" please grinder.I'll bet my arm it'll be any recognition of white racism, any recognition of racial inequality or anything that offends grinder's white racist male sensibility.You're a still a white male afterall.The fact that you suck dicks is immaterial to race.

  22. David est un homme de coeur, de courage, un véritable battant, un modéle pour tous. Il sait que la vie est précieuse et vie chaques secondes à fond. Il ira trés loin j'en suis persuadée.;-)

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  27. Hi Sara! I recently also wrote about the same thing, the uncertainties, the questions that come with our life… Love the title, it really is about making friends with uncertainty… Cheers, the Nyon crew

  28. Most men cut the apron strings with their families at age 16 22, age 40 is a bit late. 3s money is all gone now. An inheritence is a gift of grace from ones family, not an entitlement. HL left this money out of his love for his family now they are fighting over money they didn’t earn, so sad.Can anyone spell J O B.

  29. I’ve actually mapped out which times are best/worst to go in our bathroom. I know who to avoid it after and if I can, I hold it til I can go home. Doesn’t usually work because I have the bladder of a small child.

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  32. omarapplesauce – david, you should add some rows of 3 high bookshelves to the left and right of the enchanting room to make it look more like an actual library

  33. Just one, huh? I loved your answer, Beth. Outside of the Bible, I’d have to say, “Six Hours One Friday” by Max Lucado. His word pictures take me back to the foot of the cross every Lent. I’m re-reading again right now. Powerful. Life-changing. Amazing.

  34. BennyWow so random. Found your cool photo blog from another Taiwan blog, which I had found on Google. Saw your pics and I know Ashley! Met her when I was studying at Shida a couple years ago. Great stuff!

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  40. it’s a good thing liberals never use petro-products. Both sides love bio-fuels, because it takes more petroleum to produce and covert food into fuel.

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  42. P.S. Speaking for myself, I love these posts. It’s nice to not jabber about politics. I think the Joseph Smith-The Anti-Mystic post was rough because the definitions of Mystic, anti-mystic, etc. were not specified from the start. That could have created a wider, though more specific discussion. Just a thought.

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  45. Honey, just remember that this accident may have been his gentle wake up call. Next time he could have killed someone or himself. I think I would be calling the insurance company daily!

  46. at Brains & Eggs,  John Coby at Bay Area Houston, Stace at DosCentavos , and Charles at Off The Kuff wrote about this harassment many times. I have also commented on the matter here at Texas

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  48. Just another fine example of a politician, putting his own interests ahead of what is proper, right, and good for the citizens of this, Our Country.This is the crux of the problem that confronts ‘We The People’. We lack representation. We lack a voice. We lack a kind ear in D.C.Someday, this will all end. If it does not end, we will be slaves…

  49. Ottima consulenza Paolo.Stai anche trattando un'altra notizia che sa tanto di bufala, che gira sempre su FB riguardo alla prossima intrusione del MININT e della Polizia nei profili FB?

  50. Mother are brilliant at ambient. They did the Britart campaign a few years ago with stickers on railings and pavements. Now they’re advertising Diet Coke using a gigantic turd.

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  52. there is nothing as funny as watching folks repeat the same arguments from decades past, but substituting current tech jargon for the jargon of 10 or 15 years ago.It makes me wonder if some techno weenies really believe in competition, or if they dream of a vast utopia where there can be only one.

  53. AnonThanks for the read. I’m sorry if you feel that I sometimes get too emotional, but I have an extreme sensitivity to bs.I wish you’d sign your postings so that I could tell one anon from another.

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  56. Haha ja jag är ju inte publicerad eller nÃ¥t sÃ¥nt sÃ¥ tills den dagen jag blir det, sÃ¥ kommer jag nog att fortsätta med självutnämnelser 😉

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  58. I adore Thanksgiving leftovers. Luckily we still have some in the fridge – although the variety is dwindling. I think we should make Thanksgiving food more than once a year because it is sooo good and then you don’t have to cook for days afterwards, which I love!

  59. e problema cu papornitele, aia nu inteleg eu. niste bagaje ca oricare altele. Ca sunt ieftine? Ca nu au un look modern? Unora chiar nu le pasa de rigorile modei si isi traiesc viata din plin 🙂

  60. alias clio – I gather from what you’re saying that you believe someone was using a definition other than the one you quoted. Who was it, and how does that person’s definition differ from yours?

  61. Dover Publications printed a copy of this book "Art Nouveau Designs in Color [Paperback]" which is out of print now but still available on amazon.com. I've had it for years and tried to do a needlepoint of one – sadly never finished.

  62. Hallo….Gutten Morgen Mein name ist Harkat Gunarti. Ich komme aus Indonesia und ich wohne Tasikmalaya in der Jalan Manonjaya. Ich bin 17 Jahr…

  63. stuff it, ignored the govt programs and went to the US or elsewhere directly have flourished – avega, digisensory, mutlitrode, bluepulse, Atlassian to name a few etc.James – how about you do an article on all the COMET Investees – ie “COMET – Where are they now ?’(If I were an investor or VC I would actually use the Commercialisation Australia investee list as a way to reduce my investment risk – that is specificaly don’t invest in companies that have got investment from the govt because the track record is they will fail).  

  64. That my friend may cost him the election…it could not have happened to a nicer guy. If you believe that right this very moment, Obama has his cronies listening to America to get the feel of how the election is flowing. You Think….

  65. Creeme que no te entiendo bien lo que has puesto. No sé si te parece bien que se nieguen a entregar los papeles o lo contrario. Pero es así la realidad. Los fascistas de la guerra civil robaron unos documentos y ahora que los piden sus dueños no los quieren devolver.De todos modos agradecido por tu comentario y tu contribución a este blog. Saludos

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  69. After I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you’ll be able to take away me from that service? Thanks!

  70. Ya se ve que la referencia didáctica que reanudaba ha escorado hacia otros temas. Pues, con jabato y esképtica: la realidad y la experiencia están en vuestras líneas. Añadamos: No hay derecho a que los niños de la calle, los públicos, estén privados de acceso a la atención religiosa en la escuela. (Parece que las teorías educativas modernitas son particularmente producto de aquellos que, como la Almeida, presumen de haber ido a un colegio de monjas, para demostrar su capacidad de censurarles las maneras).En cuanto a poner de cara a la pared, parece un experimento innovador que debería ser analizado cuidadosamente.

  71. Thanks, Scott. The consensus view in our 12 team league is that Luck will go #1 (pretty much stone guaranteed) and that RG3 will go #2 (the guy with 1.02 is a huge Redskins fan), which would allow TRich to fall into my lap. However, I would he happy with either QB, so that’s why I traded for 1.03.I think QB’s are easier to draft and trade for in our league than Top 10 RB’s so I’d be happy with the TRich outcome, for sure, as I expect him to be a Top 10 back.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

  72. These look amazing! I was going to do a Sesame Street theme for my son's 2nd bday..I think I will make these in yellow & hang from the ceiling! Thx for sharing…love it!

  73. When you say burning searing pain – what are you referring to? Where is the pain. I had the surgery in Dec. of last year and have been having HORRIBLE pain from knee to hip on my left leg. It is intermittent. It will hurt a few weeks then quit. I have no remarkable health history and take no meds daily. I am an RN and am wondering if this pain is from positioning in my procedure or from the sling itself. I never had trouble until after the surgery.

  74. manipularea afectivă se practica cu nesimtire in marketingul Romanesc. Acum imi aduc aminte de o alta reclama la o banala margarina “becel”.“2 din 3 romani sufera de afectiuni cardiovasculare. Daca tu esti bine, ai grija de inimile celor dragi. ” Adica cumpara la bunici si parinti o tona de margarina sintetica si ii vei feri de boli cardivasculare…huh?!?

  75. People are allowed to be wrong then change their minds as events progress, got any comments on the actual points in the article rather than trying to shoot the messenger?

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  78. struggling to absorb this stuff but hey i havent even got my new camera in the post yet. Im upgrading from a piece of shit casio exillim, never buy one of those worthless crap. Hope this lumix g3 is good

  79. · The Hobes look great – can you wear them outside? I love to travel to Maleny, Eumarella Shores and Montville which are only about an hour and a half from home.

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  87. Steve, If someone published the 'Arthur Dent' deal before me, please put mine first. I figure I've earned it as a long time reader and because I am likely taller than the other guy. Which matters if you are a caveman and since we're all part Neandertal, it should matter.

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  94. Ã…h, Wenche – 1000 tak for for linket! :)) Den slags butikker vrimler det bestemt ikke med her ude "pÃ¥ landet". ;))Jeg mÃ¥ straks se nærmere pÃ¥ alle herlighederne. Anne-Sophie ELSKER Mumitroldene…ligesom sin mor. :))Hav en dejlig Bededags ferie, kære du. KHUlla

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